Course Maps

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NEW Course Maps Available!

Click here to view the Swim and Run Route map.

Click here to view the Bike Route map. 

Click here to view the Transition Area map.


Please note these maps are not to scale and while the details are subject to change, these maps should give you a good idea of the swim, bike, and run courses.

Swim Course:

  • 500 meters
  • Clockwise loop course in Smithville Lake
  • Time-trial start (one swimmer starts every 3 seconds)
  • Map

Bike Course:

  • 10 miles (five out, five back) on paved single/double-lane roads
  • Map

Run Course:

  • 5k
  • Out and back on a rolling paved trail along shore of Smithville Lake
  • Map

Transition Area:

  • Transition area will be located in the parking lot adjacent to boat ramp/swim exit
  • Bikes must be mounted/dismounted outside the transition area on the Mount/Dismount line
  • Bike racks will be assigned-please be courteous to fellow athletes in your use of space
  • NOTE: USAT rules prohibit anyone except registered athletes and staff from entering transition area. Volunteers and security staff will be on hand to enforce this rule.
  • Click here for a map of the transition area that will be set up for the WIN for KC Women's Triathlon. 
    • NOTE:  This is subject to change based on weather and other site restrictions.
2015 WIN for KC Women's Triathlon -5